Open House for 7733 and a portion of 7801 Ayers Road

Notice is hereby given that an open house will be held by Zicka Family Development on Wednesday, June 16, 2021 at 5:00PM at Coldstream Country Club, 400 Asbury Road, Anderson Township, Ohio 45255.  The purpose of this meeting will be to discuss a Planned Unit Development (PUD) application for a 26-single family home subdivision located at 7733 and a portion of 7801 Ayers Road (Book 500, Page 181, Parcels 6 and 9. Page 182, Parcel 6, and Page 183, Parcel 1), in Anderson Township, zoned “AA” Residence, proposed by Joe Farruggia of Zicka Family Development on behalf of Coldstream Estates Development LLC, property owner. 

After a brief presentation at 5:00 PM, an open house will continue, during which time nearby property owners may discuss the proposal with the applicant and/or staff (all property owners within 200’ of the subject property are notified via mail of this meeting). During the meeting, comments will be taken from attendees and a memorandum will be sent to the applicant, as well as to the Anderson Township Zoning Commission, outlining the issues discussed at the meeting, should a PUD application be filed. 

Click Here  to review the application letter and concept plan.  These will be available for review at the open house meeting.  Please contact the Anderson Township Planning and Zoning Department at 513-688-8400 or for additional information.