Anderson Recycling Center Users - We Need Your Help!

We greatly appreciate your efforts to recycle and utilize the Anderson Township Recycling Center. This service, paid for by Anderson Township taxpayers and recycling funds from Hamilton County, has been available to our community for nearly 20 years. Today, it’s the largest recycling facility in Southwest Ohio, collecting more than 362 tons of material each year.

The center includes 21 containers, which are collected by Rumpke each Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning. During the holidays, as you may have seen, we are fortunate to bring in additional containers on adjacent property to help with holiday recycling increases.

Unfortunately, we cannot increase the number of containers or use additional space year-round. We also cannot currently increase the pickup frequency through Rumpke. As a result, we are asking for your help to continue to provide this service, by:

  • DROPPING OFF recycling MONDAY THRU THURSDAY, as the amount of material dropped off each weekend often exceeds the capacity.
  • REFRAINING from placing items outside of the containers, as they will not be picked up by Rumpke. Our staff then often has to devote hours to cleanup of the center. Further, despite the fencing, materials placed outside the containers blows to nearby properties.
  • BREAKING DOWN cardboard boxes in order to maximize the capacity of the containers. This will help provide space for your fellow recyclers’ materials.
  • RECYCLING only materials that are accepted by Rumpke Recycling. See reverse side of this letter for more information or check signage at the site denoting acceptable items.

Your assistance will help us reduce additional tax dollars needed for site cleanup and eliminate litter and material blowing to other properties. Ultimately, taking care of the site will hopefully allow us to continue providing this service.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, contact our Public Works Department at 513-688-8400, Ext. 4 or email

Thank you for your cooperation –

Anderson Township