New Temporary Signal - Watch for Traffic Delays

On April 13th, the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) activated a temporary traffic signal at the SR 32 West (Batavia Road) ramp to SR 125 West (Beechmont Avenue/Levee).  The signal is due to the forthcoming removal of the merge lane from SR 32 West onto SR 125 (Beechmont Avenue/Levee), and reconfiguration of travel lanes on the bridge.  This modification will provide space to facilitate the construction Little Miami Trail connection over the river.

The signal and ramp modification is temporary, but planned to be in place for the duration of the construction project, until August 2022.  This change has resulted in traffic impacts, which ODOT is aware.  Signal timing adjustments were made the afternoon of April 14th.  ODOT will be monitoring the impacts of these changes and exploring additional option to help minimize traffic delays in this and surrounding areas.