UPDATED ... ROAD CLOSURES DUE TO HIGH WATER - Wednesday, March 3 at 11:30am

Recent rainfalls in the Ohio Valley, on top of snow melt across the region, have caused the Ohio River to rise. A River Flood Warning has been issued for the Ohio River at Cincinnati.

With this, the Hamilton County Engineer's Office and Ohio Department of Transportation announced that several Anderson area roadways are now, or will soon be, closed due to high water.

As of Wednesday, March 3 at 11:30am, this list includes the following, INCLUDING PORTIONS OF SR 32 (BATAVIA PIKE), SALEM ROAD, AND SUTTON ROAD - SEEK ALTERNATE ROUTES:

- NEW CLOSURE (3/3/2021 @ 11:30AM) - Kellogg Road (US 52) between Wilmer and Applehill, including Salem Intersection (NO ACCESS TO DOWNTOWN FROM SALEM)

- NEW CLOSURE (3/3/2021 @ 10:30AM) - Sutton & Kellogg Intersection

- NEW CLOSURE (3/3/2021 @ 7 AM) - Kellogg Road between US 52 West and Five Mile Road

- NEW CLOSURE (3/3/2021 @ 7 AM)  - SR 32 (Batavia Pike) between Clough Pike and Turpin Lane

- NEW CLOSURE (3/3/2021 @ 7 AM) - SR 32 (Batavia Pike) Westbound ramp to SR 125 (Beechmont) eastbound

- NEW CLOSURE (3/3/2021 @ 7 AM) - SR 125 (Beechmont) Easbound ramp to SR 32 (Batavia Pike) eastbound

- NEW CLOSURE (3/3/2021 @ 5:30 AM) - Kellogg Road between Sutton and Four Mile Road.  NOTE, Belterra Park Gaming is now CLOSED!

- NEW CLOSURE (3/3/2021 @ 5:30 AM) - Eight Mile Road between US 52 and Old Kellogg Road.  Old Kellogg Road maybe accessed via Nine Mile Road. 

- CLOSED - Debolt Road at Clearcreek

- CLOSED - Four Mile Road, between I-275 Overpass and Kellogg

- CLOSED - Eight Mile Road, north of Old Kellogg

Please continue to check this site to learn of changes to these or other roadways.