Cul-de-sacs and Snow Removal

Anderson Township is home to more than 475 cul-de-sacs along more than 120 miles of roadways. These present a number of challenges during snow removal efforts.  

In the interest of trying to clear as much snow as quickly as possible and ensure main roadways are passable, hills and curves are our top priority, and cul-de-sacs are passed by. The township only has only one shift of 10 Public Works plow drivers, who work tirelessly to keep our roads clean.

Please note we usually do not remove snow from cul-de-sacs until after a storm has passed. Our crews will return to these areas and make every effort to push and pile up snow to avoid fire hydrants, driveways, and mailboxes. However, it’s not always easy or possible in such small areas.

To help our snow plow drivers:

  • Remove parked cars from the roadway;
  • Don’t blow, push or shovel into the street, which can refreeze and create a hazard with very cold temperatures predicted soon.

Our Public Works crew appreciates your understanding, patience, help and support during winter storm events. We are thankful for their efforts to help ensure safety along our roadways!