Are Door-to-Door Sales Legal in Anderson Township?


The answer is yes. Although formerly prohibited locally, door-to-door for profit vendors have been allowed for several years, after a ruling from the Supreme Court.

If residents do not wish to be contacted by door-to-door salespeople or non-profit organizations, a “No Soliciting” sign can be posted on a door or near the driveway.

Brian Hayes with the Hamilton County Sheriff ’s Office District 5 noted, “If vendors refuse or return to leave (after being advised and signage posted), the homeowner now has the right to file criminal trespassing charges and can contact law enforcement for assistance.”

“While there is no violation for anyone to be on a public roadway or to solicit as a private business, the Sheriff ’s Office can still investigate to make sure that individuals are conducting legitimate business,” Hayes said. “That is why we recommend reporting this activity to the Sheriff ’s Office non-emergency number at 825-2280 if a resident has concerns, so we can evaluate and or retain appropriate information if necessary.”