Anderson Township Roadway Treatment to start June 25

Due to COVID concerns, Anderson Township and our contractor, Pavement Technology, are not going door-to-door to hand out or leave flyers, which is our general practice. Instead, Pavement Technology is increasing the roadway signage and posting information until to Anderson Township on their website at

Starting June 25th, the following streets will be receiving a road rejuvenator application. Reclamite is a petroleum emulsion product that extends the life of asphalt pavement at a cost-effective price. It rejuvenates road surfaces and has been found to prolong pavement life as much as six years. One advantage of the product is that it minimizes disruption, meaning you and your neighbors can drive on the roads quickly.

Hidden Hills
Hidden Point
Luwista Lane
Dunwoodie (south end)
Donnington Lane
Rudgate Ct
Bretton Drive
Kennebel Lane
Goldengate Drive
Cablecar Ct
Presidio Ct
Telegraph Ct
Lamplite Ct
Deaconsbench Ct
Flaxen Ct
Cobblestone Ct
Candlemaker Drive
Hidden Glen Drive
Sebright Lane
Strathburn Ct
Longbow Ct
Kingsway Ct
Fossway Ct
Stutley Ct
Finsbury Ct
Flintshire Ct
Gammell Drive
Grantham Way
Ginger Lane
Queensway Lane
Coldstream Woods W
Shangrila Drive
Ticonderoga Ct
Coral Sea Drive