Anderson’s curbside textile recycling program ends as Simple Recycling leaves Cincinnati market

The company operating Anderson Township’s curbside clothing recycling program, Simple Recycling, has closed its Cincinnati operation, impacting a number of participating communities in our region.

Starting in August 2018, Anderson Township contracted with Simple Recycling for curbside pickup of textiles and houseware, diverting more than 101,000 pounds of waste that would have entered the landfill. The program involved curbside pickup of textiles in the Simple Recycling orange bags, as well as a 24/7 recycling box at the Anderson Township Recycling Center on Beechmont Avenue that has now been removed.  The program was offered at no cost to township residents.

The township urges residents to donate lightly used items, for re-use, to local non-profit entities. Township officials will continue to search for opportunities to address this demand for textile recycling.