Lower Rates Start This Summer for Electricity Aggregation Program

Good news for Anderson Township residents enrolled in the voter-approved electricity aggregation program; your rate will drop starting with your July Duke Energy bill. 

Anderson Township Trustees recently approved a rate contract renewal retaining Dynegy Energy Solutions as the continued provider in the township’s electricity aggregation program. Rates approved are $0.0498/kWh for regular energy and $0.0508/kWh for 100 percent renewable energy. 

These rates will begin with the July 2020 meter read and continue for three years. Residents who are eligible for the program will receive information in the mail about opting out of the township’s aggregation program, like the mailer that was sent at the beginning of the program. 

“By entering into a group commitment, residents have enjoyed lower prices these past three years,” noted Township Trustee Chair Josh Gerth. “Our aggregation program has eliminated some of the fluctuations in the price of electricity and so residents in the program have enjoyed greater saving by locking in a fixed rate.”  

Dynegy reports from 2019 show that residents in the program saved 4 percent over regular Duke customers. As of September 2019, that equals more than $783,000 in collective savings during the lifetime of the program.


Duke’s rate through the first half of 2019 averaged $.0575/kWh without the benefit of aggregation program savings, according to information supplied by Dynegy. 

More than 10,000 Anderson households are enrolled the electric aggregation program. Anderson Township does not receive any revenue from this program. 

Here are a few commonly asked questions about the program:

If I am a current member of the township’s aggregation program, do I need to do anything to stay in the program?

Due to the rate change, all eligible residents will be receiving an opt-out notice like the one sent at the program’s inception. Eligible residents residing within the township are those who:

·       Currently participate in the township aggregation program;

·       Have not signed up on Public Utilities Commission of Ohio “do not aggregate” list;

·       Are currently under contract with another third-party provider;

·       Are not in the Percentage of Income Payment Program;

·       Have not previously opted-out of the township aggregation program;

·       Are currently receiving the Duke Energy standard offer;

·       Are businesses with usage less than 700,000 kWh per year.


Are new residents automatically enrolled?

No, new residents will receive standard Duke Energy rates for electricity. Eligible new residents may join the township Aggregation Program after the initial 21 day opt-out and seven-day rescission period. The rate will be the same as the rate negotiated for the Aggregation Program.

If I opted out earlier, can I re-enroll?

Yes. re-enrollment is permitted after the 21-day opt-out and seven-day rescission period.

What is the process to enroll if you are in a contract with another provider?

Enrollment is permitted after the 21 day opt-out and seven-day rescission period. Check with your current provider for any early termination fees.

For signup or opt-out questions, contact Dynegy Energy Services at (888) 682-2170 or Jaime Martin at Energy Alliance at 794-5555.

Choosing an electric service carrier is confusing. Where can I find out more?

Ohio.gov offers a free website that helps you compare prices on energy suppliers.  Go to http://energychoice.ohio.gov/ to learn more about energy choice options.