Questionnaire Probes Traffic Suggestions For Clough Pike

Clough Pike is a critical transportation component here in Anderson and surrounding areas. From its early days as a private turnpike, to Clough’s role for the past century as a county-owned/maintained roadway, it’s been a key factor in the growth and development of Anderson Township.

Development activity, particularly during the 1970s and 1980s, when on average of 365 housing units were built a year in Anderson (which is more than the last decade, combined).  Over the years this growth added new opportunities, but also brought about issues and concerns.

Public and private improvements have addressed some of these problem areas.  Improvements have enhanced safety, traffic flow and non-vehicular transportation options on Clough. However, unlike the heavily studied Beechmont Avenue to the south, and the SR 32/Eastern Corridor to the north, there has not been a comprehensive assessment of the nearly six-mile section of Clough in Anderson Township.  The survey would help determine what other options exist to most effectively accommodate vehicles and other transportation modes.

Anderson Township and the Hamilton County Engineer’s Office prepared a questionnaire to obtain further feedback on current concerns and opportunities. This will help to determine focus areas for potential follow up study.

Copies of the questionnaire were mailed to all Clough Pike property owners in late June. For others who are interested, it may be completed online at We appreciate you taking 5-10 minutes to share your experience and comments regarding Clough.

2002 construction photo of Clough & Wolfangel intersection realignment courtesy of Henry Dolive.