Resolution for Standards & Ohio Fire Code


By passage of Resolution 18-1220-20, entitled Resolution to Adopt 2010 Southwest Ohio Fire Safety Council (“SWOFSC”) Unified Standards and 2017 Ohio Fire Code, the Board of Township Trustees of Anderson Township adopted the Ohio Fire Code (2017 Edition), as the same may be amended from time to time, together with 2010 SWOFSC Fire Code, and the 2010 Unified Standards A through J, as promulgated by SWOFSC (collectively, the “Code”), the purpose of the Code being to establish State fire marshal rules for the administration and enforcement of authorities granted to the fire marshal and fire code officials and regulations relating to structures, processes, premises and safeguards as set forth therein.   A complete copy of the Code is on file with the Anderson Township Fiscal Officer for inspection by the public and for distribution to the public at cost (at 7850 Five Mile Road, Anderson Township, Ohio 45230, tel: 513-688-8400, email: or, and is on file in the Hamilton County Law Library. This Legal Notice is posted on the Cincinnati Enquirer’s website,


Kenneth G. Dietz, Anderson Township Fiscal Officer


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