Expand Your Circle of Influence- Join a Township Committee

Ready to try something new in 2019? How about applying for a volunteer position on one of the township’s committees? Opportunities to serve are sought in the following areas: 

Standing Committees- a township standing committee is a group of members appointed for a specific purpose–one-year term

  • We Thrive Anderson Committee—Starting in 2019, this new committee will work to create a healthier Anderson Township, where safety, health and vitality is promoted throughout the community. The focus of this committee will address topics such as community art, substance use/abuse, social health, injury prevention, environmental health, emergency preparedness, chronic disease, and community involvement.  
  • Economic Development Committee–reviews the township’s economic development strategy and makes recommendations to trustees on policy or project decisions regarding the township’s business environment
  • Tree Committee–promotes and manages healthy, safe, and appropriate trees along streets and on public grounds or roadways and makes recommendations to the township’s tree planting program
  • Greater Anderson Township Betterment Committee-non-profit organization working behind the scenes to facilitate community-wide improvements and projects
  • Senior Center Advisory Committee- - provides guidance on many critical services for older adults, plus programs, trips and fundraising to enhance the Anderson Township Senior Center
  • Transportation Advisory Committee–provides recommendations on transportation matters and projects to trustees and assists with implementation of the Anderson Trails plan 

Two statutory committees operate according to Ohio law, with a five-year term, and one-year alternates: 

  • Zoning Commission–hears cases that involve modifying the Anderson Township Zoning Map or the Anderson Township Zoning Resolution
  • Board of Zoning Appeals–reviews appeals to the township’s Zoning Resolution, as well as other development related applications

 For consideration, send a letter of interest to “Committees,” Anderson Township, Anderson Center, 7850 Five Mile Road, Anderson Township, OH 45230. Via email, send a response to Steve Sievers at ssievers@AndersonTownship.org. 

Explain your interests and provide a brief overview of your experience which would make you a valuable member of the committee. Send letters/emails by November 7.