Construction & Paving Update

The July-like weather of the past few weeks has allowed significant road construction progress.  

Earlier this month, the resurfacing of Kellogg Road between US 52 and Sutton Road, in front of Coney Island, Riverbend and Belterra Park was completed. Two sections of Beechmont were also ground and repaved earlier this week by ODOT, at the Eight Mile intersection and between the Anderson Towne Center and Asbury Road. Also, the township’s pavement sealer program, which involved work on more than 20 streets, is complete.

Looking ahead, work on Eight Mile Road from Beechmont to I-275, coordinated by the Hamilton County Engineer’s Office, continues.  Additional pavement repairs are now underway. The final asphalt surface course is planned for the end of May or first week of June. 

Beginning in July, Anderson Township will begin construction on its annual roadway and curb program, on more than 30 township roadways.

Finally, work has begun on I-275 to install the new contraflow traffic pattern, which will help to maintain three lanes of traffic in both directions between I-471 in Northern Kentucky and the US 52 (New Richmond) Exit #72, over the next few years during road and bridge construction. The new traffic pattern is slated to be introduced in mid-June.

We appreciate motorist’s and resident’s patience as the state of Ohio, Hamilton County and Anderson Township work to preserve and improve our key roadway infrastructure.