Lane Closures on I-275 During the Day

Drivers should be advised that some lanes will be closed on east and west I-275 during daytime hours for the next few months.

Pavement resurfacing and bridge work on east and west Interstate 275 from approximately the Four Mile Road overpass (near Exit 71) to the Kentucky side of the Ohio River requires lane closures. Preliminary work on the project began Monday and includes some shoulder closures on I-275 between Four Mile Road and I-471 in Northern Kentucky daily from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. for constructing temporary lighting and pavement.

The $31 million construction project includes 1.6 miles of resurfacing and rehabilitation of four I-275 twin bridges at Four Mile Road, Sutton Road, Kellogg Avenue and the Combs-Hehl Bridge.

The project will utilize a contraflow configuration that begins between the Sutton and Four Mile Road overpasses and ends on the Kentucky side of the Combs-Hehl Bridge. The initial contraflow alignment will begin in mid-June through mid- to late November 2018. Then in November 2018 the next phase of the contraflow configuration will be implemented until late spring/early summer 2019. This will allow for three lanes of traffic to be maintained in both directions.

The project is expected to be completed by the end of August 2020. For safety’s sake, motorists should remain alert, reduce their speed and watch for stopped traffic while passing through the work zone.

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