Shredding and Recycling Days on Hiatus this Year

For about the past 10 years, the township has provided the opportunity for residents to clean out their personal spaces and offload unneeded items at the annual event, which also included a shredding service for sensitive documents. 

Public Works Director Richard Shelley noted that over time, use of the two-day drop-off service has waned significantly, while the overall opportunity to recycle items such as batteries, tires, electronics and more has increased in the area. 

In early years of the event, up to 1,500 residents would come through the line with loads of debris, filling up 18-30 giant dumpsters, with 100 boxes of paint and household chemicals dropped off by the public. Last year’s event drew fewer than 500 cars, while receiving less than six dumpsters of debris. 

“We were pleased to provide this service in the past, but at this juncture we are unable to justify the cost per car for this event going forward,” Shelley said. “The best news of all is the household items of can be recycled almost all-year round and no need to collect for two just days in May.”  

Anderson Township will continue to promote recycling opportunities in our area, Shelley noted. maintains a comprehensive list of locations that explain ways to recycle of a wide variety of household items.