Summit Estates and The Sanctuary of Ivy Hills Street Repair Scheduled to Begin Monday

Road repair in the Summit Estates area and in the Sanctuary of Ivy Hills is slated to begin this coming Monday, Aug. 28. The first step in the several-part process is removal, or grinding, of the existing surface of the road. 

Work will begin with the roadways in the Sanctuary of Ivy Hills subdivision, then move into Summit Estates, where work will only occur on those roadways where new curbing was installed in 2016. In the Summit area, work will begin west of Eight Mile Road, then progress to those streets on the east side of Eight Mile Road. 

Initial paving will then follow, and after sewer grates are adjusted, final paving will occur. The process is anticipated to be completed within a six-week period. During the repair cycle, roads will not be closed. There may be brief delays getting in and out of driveways along these roadways and on-street parking may be periodically prohibited. 

The process of installing curbing and resurfacing in separate construction seasons has enabled the township to save money, allowing more roadway repairs to occur each season.

Funds for these improvements are generated by a 1998 road levy, which has now been stretched into its 19th season, and the use of capital funds in the township’s Tax Increment Financing (TIF) program.