Anderson Township Maintains its Favorable ISO Rating

After enlarging coverage area to Newtown starting last year, high rating upheld 

Anderson’s Insurance Service Office (ISO) rating, a fire service classification system used in to evaluate all aspects of U.S. fire departments, is still a “3,” the township recently announced. 

The township’s ISO rating was recently reviewed after the Anderson Township Fire and Rescue Department expanded its coverage area through a contract with Newtown (starting in 2016).  A change that could have affected the ISO rating was the move of personnel in the northern portion of the township from a station on Broadwell Road to the Newtown Fire Station on Main Street in Newtown. 

Township officials had sought a review of the township’s fire service capabilities after the Anderson Township Fire and Rescue Department added over 2,700 individuals to its coverage area, along with about 75 businesses. 

ISO ratings can be used in determining the underwriting and pricing of property insurance premiums, said Fire Chief Mark Ober. The lower the ISO rating, the better the premium. 

The township’s rating has been a “3” since 2005. That puts it in an elite position within U.S. fire departments, attained by only 7.35 percent of communities across the nation. 

Through its contract with Newtown, the township has improved its fire staffing, now providing 17 personnel on duty each day (over four stations) compared to the previous 15 per day when the Broadwell station was in service up through 2015.

 “We are pleased that our contract with Newtown has helped us to not only maintain our current positive ISO classification, but actually increase our overall points used in the ISO rating system,” said Josh Gerth, trustee president.  This is one of the many benefits of collaboration between our two communities.

 ISO provides an independent review of our firefighting capabilities which has tremendous value, said Township Administrator Vicky Earhart. “Property owners can be assured that the department is actively working to reduce risk through its inspection program and is prepared to fight fires effectively.”