Beechmont and Five Mile Intersection Adjustments Continue

Two small, but significant, improvements to the Beechmont and Five Mile intersection have occurred in the last two weeks, improving traffic flow at this busy crossroads.

Reprogrammed traffic signals turning right from Beechmont to Five Mile, at the intersection, only turns to red when a pedestrian is present. At the second light, approaching Five Mile, a sign has been installed informing drivers they may turn right on red, after stopping to ensure traffic is not present on Five Mile.

On the other two right turns, from Five Mile to Beechmont, modifications have been made to the “No Turn on Red” prohibition. A new illuminated sign permits right turns when Beechmont traffic has a green light. Drivers will notice a new sign which has a right turn with a slash through it. These right turns are now only prohibited when this sign is illuminated, or when the opposing left turns from Five Mile to Beechmont have a green light.

Traffic signal timing at this intersection continues to be tweaked. Once it is set, the coordination between these signals and other Five Mile Road signals (at Nimitzivew Drive and the Anderson Towne Center) will be improved.

Anderson Township, Hamilton County and Ohio Department of Transportation thank our community for their patience with these changes. Even in the past few weeks safety has improved, pedestrians have been accommodated and further traffic improvements are reducing travel delays in this area.

For more information on the project or recent changes to this intersection since it opened on May 19th, please see the files below or visit


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