A Test Drive of the Reconfigured Left Turn from Five Mile to Beechmont

As construction winds down on the Beechmont and Five Mile continuous flow intersection (CFI) project, the coming weeks will see new pavement, striping and signage, in advance of a traffic pattern change likely by mid May.  A reminder: The travel pattern on Beechmont will generally not change, nor will the movement of traffic flowing straight on Five Mile or traffic turning right onto Beechmont from Five Mile.

The two modifications involve the right turn lanes from Beechmont to Five Mile (by the former PNC Bank and IHOP).  The reconfigured turn lane by the former PNC has been in operation since last fall for eastbound Beechmont to southbound Five Mile. By mid-April, a similar lane will open by IHOP for westbound Beechmont to northbound Five Mile.  The only change with these lanes once the CFI pattern is implemented is that the “yield” at the end of the continuous turn will be replaced with a traffic light.

The second and more noticeable change entails the left turns from Five Mile to Beechmont.  The location of this turn lane is being shifted and will be located in advance of the intersection at a crossover point where a new traffic signal will exist.  Left turns and straight traffic on Five Mile will be able to move at the same time at the Beechmont intersection.

So how will this look for a driver? A 3 minute video has been prepared and may be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RjmdKkRNIFo. Keep in mind the new striping and signage is not in place, and barrels currently block off the new left turn lane. Hopefully this video provides motorists with the feel of how the new configuration will operate later this spring.  For more information, visit the township’s CFI page by Clicking HERE This page provides additional information, including videos, reports, maps, etc.

We thank our community for their patience with this major project, which will help facilitate the transformation occurring at the heart of our community.