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Teleconference Allowed During COVID-19 Emergency

ORC 121.22, concerning the Open Meetings Act, was amended by a provision in Amended Substitute House Bill 197 to allow members of a public body to hold and attend meetings and conduct and attend hearings by means of teleconference, video conference or other electronic technology. Any resolution, rule or formal action shall have the same effect as if it had occurred in an open public meeting. Members of the public body who attend using technology are considered present and permitted to vote and shall have their presence counted for purposes of determining a quorum. The language requires public bodies provide 24-hour notice to the public and the media unless an emergency arises and provides that the public and media have access to the hearing or meeting commensurate with the method in which the meeting is being conducted. The public shall have the right to observe and hear the discussions and deliberations of all members participating in the public body. When conducting a hearing the body must establish a way, through the use of widely available electronic equipment, to communicate with witnesses and to receive testimony or evidence. The teleconference provision was established through end of end of State of Emergency or July 1, 2021 whichever occurs first.

Agenda April 26, 2021

Case 1-2021 Anderson - 7868, 7877 & 7887 Beechmont Avenue    Site Plan     Zoning Map      Staff Summary

Case 2-2018 FDP - Skytop - Phase II - 5218 Beechmont Avenue     Staff Summary




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